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Trust & Corporate Services Provider

Specialising in Fiduciary Services, Corporate & Funds Management




An independent trust company with practical solutions to complex situations


At Aditi we have close to a century of combined experience in dealing with Private Client Structures.



Every family is different. That’s why we offer bespoke services, built around the needs of your family



Corporate clients, fund managers and start-ups may require a special purpose vehicle (“SPV”) to hold certain assets, including shares, as part of their 

investment holding structures.



Our independence and experience enable us to bring a perspective to the complexities of wealth

administration. We have particular expertise in providing services to private clients.



We provide the full range of fund services including fund establishment, fund accounting, shareholder registration and corporate secretarial, regulatory compliance monitoring, fund administration.



Our Marine & Aviation services team has a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record in dealing with a wide variety of structures and transactions across the aviation, yachting, shipping and offshore supply industries.




 The Sanskrit word ADITI means   "boundless”   “entire"   "freedom”   “security"

Boundless being the unlimited time and work we will perform on behalf of our clients
Entire being the absolute service we provide without qualification or reservation
Freedom to let our clients maintain flexibility
Security being the protection of assets and the preservation of family wealth



What our clients see is transparent, be it in terms of the service commitment and the price structure. Our client's interest always comes first because with that in mind, we believe we can build a relationship that is founded on trust.

We understand that our clients want more than just a service provider–they want to work with a partner that is as committed to their long-term success as they are.

Turning an idea into a solution that adds value from a customer’s perspective. With innovation, we know that we can always push the envelope further when it comes to creating the best services for our clients.

Only by recognising and meeting your distinct requirements can we have a positive impact on your life and business. This is why we provide an extensive range of services, plus the ability to tailor solutions based on your specific needs.


To ensure ones future wellbeing, it has to be planned for. When it comes to succession planning or safeguarding your assets against unforeseen circumstances, it is never too early to start. Whether you would like to set up a trust for long term family inheritance purposes, as a profit-sharing scheme for employees, or to protect your loved ones, Aditi can act as your trustee and partner.



Unlike places in the Caribbean where many banks could raise some cause for concern, Labuan is home to a long list of familiar banks, from DBS to Bank of America and JP Morgan to BNP Paribas. It’s a serious financial centre, as opposed to some others where hack lawyers quickly churn out corporate paperwork like a mill and charge for introductions to questionable banks.


Laws protecting confidentiality and secrecy were included: public inspection of company files and records is restricted and there are prohibitions on disclosing shareholding and beneficial ownership, except where this is required by the special local banking acts.


Why incorporate in Labuan?

As one of the few offshore financial centres in Asia, and boasting a low tax regime, Labuan provides an attractive base for many multinational corporations and entrepreneurs. The Federal Territory of Labuan is part of Malaysia and comprises seven small islands of which Pulau Labuan is the largest. It is located on the major shipping and air routes of the Asian Region and is Malaysia’s only deepwater anchorage. 

Labuan is economically strong and politically stable. Under the guidance of LOFSA (the Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority) the Malaysian authorities have invested heavily into the improvement of Labuan’s physical infrastructure, which is completely modernised and provides a state of the art telecommunications system including an Internet Gateway which provides an e-commerce platform. 


More than 50 of the world’s top banks have branches in Labuan.

  • Low tax regime for Labuan International Companies

  • Can be 100% foreign-owned

  • Both local and international trading are permitted. Local trading tax rate is 24%.

  • Trading licenses are not required for businesses involved in trading, e-commerce, import, export or consultancy

  • Businesses are not required to charge sales / service tax or GST on sales transactions

  • No Withholding Tax on Dividend, Interest, Management, Technical and Royalty Free

  • Can act as an Investment Holding Company for assets, wealth management and property

  • Low taxation on profit – only 3%

  • Simple set up with only one Director and Shareholder required. Both positions can be held by the same individual

  • No travel to Labuan required in order to set up the company.

  • Registration is quick and efficient, typically complete with in 7 working days

  • A Labuan International Company enables the opening of a corporate bank account anywhere in Malaysia

  • Bank accounts can receive transactions in your preferred currency

  • A welcoming and efficient Work Visa and Visa Application process for expatriates, their spouse and their children

Our Other Jurisdiction

Aditi  prides itself on its independence and its ability to provide a personalised service to meet all of our clients’ needs through our Labuan, Singapore & London offices, using an extensive network of international contacts and advisers, we have access to all the major offshore centers, depending on our clients needs.





Head Office Aditi Trustees Limited

Office Suite 607, Level 6 (C), Main Office Tower,

Financial Park Complex Labuan, Jalan Merdeka, F.T Malaysia (87000)

Tel: +60 87 584 844

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Singapore Office Aditi Trustees Pte. Limited

171 Tras Street, #7-171 Union Building, Singapore (079025)

London Office Aditi Advisory LLP 

4 -5 Baltic Street East London EC1Y 0UJ

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:


Aditi Trustees Limited is licenced and regulated by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA) for the conduct of trust company and funds services business under Licence Nº LT0078.

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